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Mom Died

This was the description in the original post, and Robin explained that filmmaking is hard without collaboration – so support one another! As the short film plays out, it (as it did to others) reminded me of Punch Drunk Love, which if you watch the original trailer below can find the camera and soundscape links quite easily. Also a time when Adam Sandler was doing good in society! The short itself too is fairly obvious to the reasoning of the erratic characters. Much like the film The Assassination of Jesse James, the title of the film tells the viewer exactly...

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American Sniper

When killing is a man’s talent, what effect does that have on the man? With 255 kills, American Sniper follows the real-life heroics of the most lethal marksman in US military history. Clint Eastwood has crafted his best cinematic achievement since Gran Torino, as he assembles an honest depiction of war, romance and the depression, which crawls up inside Chris Kyle. Bradley Cooper, almost unrecognisable, plays a much larger Chris as he packs on 40 pounds in preparation for the role. The raw war violence, which Eastwood has brilliantly illustrated, is high up in the ranks along with Inglorious Basterds...

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Shameless (US)


Before Midnight

Before Sunset

Before Sunrise


I regretted not writing a review for the Tree of Life (2011) when it came out, but to be honest I couldn’t even put words in a legible sentence to give the film justice. Each time I think of that film I just know it’s good but can’t express the way it makes me feel as a person. The beneficial fulfilment I have from viewing it so many times. It’s really weird talking about films that way, that they can have this very strong affect on a person. It’s ridiculous that made up people, characters, can make me reassess my...

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Saving Mr. Banks

I’m not too sure if I overhyped this film, or it was just not as magical as I had hoped. It’s difficult to explain. Here are two very magical people, Pamela “P.L.” Travers (played by Emma Thompson) and Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks), and yet throughout the film I never really sensed any magic. But thats the point of the film, the same way that we wanted Walt (first name to distinguish between the man and the business) to gain the rights to the book. I’m not trying to dismiss any instance that this film is still in fact...

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The Spectacular Now

I watched this film from a conversation I had with a friend (below) regarding 500 Days of Summer, Ruby Sparks, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Spectacular Now, and how all four reflect different levels of storytelling. At the time of that conversation I had not seen The Spectacular Now, and to be completely honest I hadn’t really heard anything of it. I googled the film only to see that Shailene Woodley was starring in it – this meant one thing: I had to see it. @markbattistella THE SPECTACULAR NOW might be your cup of tea then (I liked...

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VGHS: S02E06

This is the final episode we needed, but probably didn’t deserve. I think it is too early to be showing character independence from one another, while I see that doing so allows the series to flesh out into the third season. Which is how I’m viewing this season by the way – a preface to the third season. And it’s not in that, “season two is before season three so of course it’s a preface,” but more of the order of the storytelling goes season one, season three, and oh, here’s what happened in-between. I’m not dismissing this season, but...

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VGHS: S02E05

I’m in a bit of a pickle. An inner being, psychological conflict. Let’s go through this episode, and see myself tear apart! YES! It’s the episode that has Rocket Jump and YouTube comments up in a stir – drama! I’ve added some screen shots below, but it really amazes me in what the audience wants compared to what we have been given in the past. Fabramaster, a YouTube commenter said, “I remember when vghs had vidio games nit soap operah drama [sic]”. Right on Fabramaster, right on. I remember a time when storylines were gripping, making me want to return....

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VGHS: S02E04

I’m starting to find the opening scenes of VGHS to be very stilted. I understand there is a need to get the major plot line for that episode out as soon as possible, but it is really lacking the engagement. Somewhere between the gun fights and action, to the attempt of storytelling interest in the characters are lacking. And I’ve spoken about this before. It really falls into the notion of “I’m not really sure where this series is heading”. There is a continual lack of need to root for a character, a need for me to return each episode...

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VGHS: S02E03

When VGHS does something right they do it darn good. This is one of those brilliant pieces of the series that makes you go, “this is worth television air time.” And that’s not some cop out flattery line, that’s a genuine really good storytelling. Which you should be able to tell – even in the description below the video – that this is one of the few episodes with minimal high frame rate scenes. What we are tending to see more often than not in western community films, web series, and television shows is the good guy always wins. Even...

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VGHS: S02E02

I wasn’t completely blown away with this episode. It was part way between good and meh. Not that I don’t like, or haven’t liked anything in VGHS so far but I finished this episode feeling like nothing happened, and oddly hungry. We’re beginning to see Mary Matrix’s (played by Cynthia Watros) side as coach, but it’s nothing more than any parent coaching their kid’s soccer team. She’s supposed to be good, amazing, an actual FPS freak. Yet I’m feeling quite underwhelmed by her character. There’s nothing to show me that she’s going to be as good as Ace from season...

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VGHS: S02E01

We’re back – well they’re back and this season is bigger, longer, and better than ever before. It’s been great to count down the anticipation of such a high production valued web series and see where things are one year on. So returning into a newly imagined world, we find our three main characters Brian (played by Josh Blaylock), Ted (played by Jimmy Wong), and Ki (played by Ellary Porterfield) in a new world playing together like we would in normal day to day life. Going on quests, while tlaking about your day and plans. It’s a breath of fresh...

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Warm Bodies

I liked this film. Hands down it is a film everybody should watch. Not because it displays amazing chemistry, or portrayal but because it is an amalgamation of many films over the times and how shifting the paradigm creates a wonderful new idea. Honestly, that is film at it’s infant form. Taking something old, reimagine it, and make people love or hate it. We can see this with reboots, and the beloved Avatar which is realistically Pocahontas. But I’m not here to argue about Avatar. I’m here to tell you that this is a great film if you want to...

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Cloud Atlas

When I saw this film I was amazed that somewhere, someone (in this case some people) still made intricate, multi-levelled, and both consumer (read Hollywood blockbuster) and acquired (read Art House) styled films. Not only does Cloud Atlas flesh open your eyes to societies, and the evolution of human life – both religious and scientific – but how we are linked from generation to generation, all over the world. It is simply a beautiful film which had the same effect that both 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Tree of Life did to me as a human. These are rare...

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This is 40

The calm before the F-bomb storm A disjointed film that takes you on a journey from nowhere to, well… nowhere. It’s supposed to be the sequel to the 2007 comedy Knocked Up and in some regards it is – same characters, universe, and timeliness. However, it seems to be more of an alternate universe than a continuation from its predecessor. We shift focus into the world of Pete (played by Paul Rudd) and Debbie (played by Leslie Mann) who are still together after the events of Knocked Up. Their children Sadie (played by Maude Apatow) and Charlotte (played by Iris...

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Wreck-It Ralph

“I don’t think you know how long everybody has been waiting for a film like this to be released!” Well that’s what I (and many others) said when we first saw the trailer (below). But was it going to be as awesome as we all hoped? A film full of nostalgic video games, that would appeal to our youth, our parent’s youth but still be relevant to today? HELL YEAH! When you watch it you will feel so… so… “UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START”! Okay, so it’s a pretty cool film with all the...

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