VGHS: Episode Nine (2012)

The final episode for the season. Wow – it really sums up that initial feeling for the viewing.

It begins with your “big event” and the magical setup that is precise from professionals that have done it too many times before. There are two nicely preformed speeches in this episode, and a return for Ace (played Zackary Levi), while Dean Calhoun continues to be that all too funny character.

I really think by now, that the creators seriously are playing for the “reverse effect” of traditional Hollywood cinema, by introducing something so cliche only to have a character (who reflects the audience) saying, “No!”

I’ll begin with the monologues. For the first time in the series, Law delivered something that wasn’t transformed into evil. Although the reference to Brian was malevolent in its underlying, “something I once told a promising new nooblet,” it is the inspiration that you really do find in a captain of any sport.

We are presented Law, not as the captain that made the position from his extreme gun wielding ability, but as that human who is to pump up the losing side at half time. It’s sparks of writing like this, that make audiences know all about a character and presenting them a choice of their moral being – even though it comes in the final episode.

Tandem fighting was pleasantly played out, it really felt as if these players had actually practised together somewhere in the series. It was enjoyable to watch the first capture in “real time” showing what the game exactly is, and then fast forward through the next three captures.

Some dislikes of the episode come from aesthetics – and most likely the continuity department – where the scrimmage begins and everybody is clean except Brian. I understand in games you can change your characters appearance, but from watching the episode in full, and then going back it simply looks like the shot used was take 7 after Brian had fallen a few times.

I would have also like to see some juxtaposed drifting, and shredding by Ted, and Ki while the scrimmage was on. It would have been tough, but it seems to limit the possibilities for season two and beyond. It felt like season two is going to have to actually introduce us to Ted and Ki and their sports for that year rather than already have some sort of understanding.