VGHS: Episode Seven (2012)

If I wasn’t such a fan of 80s synth pop, and episode four, this would definitely be my favourite episode. It has a thing for everyone, be it action, adventure (set up), romance, and comedy. But not only that, it has some of the best scripting out of then entire season so far.

Okay, okay, I know I probably splurge those words every episode, but this is seriously concrete, drafted content, and each shot is meticulously planned with everything. so shall we begin breaking down the episode?

They are really playing off the format of their series. I remember a time where word art was introduced into the internet, and webpages were 100% flashing GIFs and rainbow coloured backgrounds, while playing looped tones. But what’s that got to do with VGHS? Well Games Dean (played by Benji Dolly), holds that presence in his daily show.

Either that, or the first YouTube channels, and videos apart from being skateboard tricks, was the same as the aforementioned web design. Popping images, crazy sounds, and an all time whacky nature took over the inter webs, where webcams were really an introduction to the phenomena we know today.

Games’ show also holds close the notion of high school quality content too, and aided by the design and wackiness of the editing, really shows how, and who this series is targeted at.

I can’t definitely say whether it’s one or the other, but I do understand it is a homage to the internet. And a sweet one at that. Many of the Rocket Jump audience, I assume is young males, who were hooked to freddiew (the initial YouTube channel) as a result of the guns, and VFX rather than the story or level of quality in a (at first) weak platform.

And incase you weren’t sure why there were twenty by twenty video tracks of Games saying “wha?!” I’m putting all my money on the fact that when you first get a high end editing utility – taking it back to early YouTube – Final Cut Pro wasn’t aimed at internet videos, so Windows Movie Maker, and iMovie were the prime software products. They only held one video track, and when you first just into high end software and you can utilise more than one track – as so often you can now – I think every user was like, “I’M GOING TO MAKE A MILLION TRACKS OF THIS SAYING THE SAME THING ‘CAUSE ITS COOL!”

Alright. Glad I got that off my chest. The breakup of friendship, and eventual chances of romance between Brian and Jenny was a little flat. Understandably it was to come out straight, to the point, and not feeling, but it felt like I was listening to a table read of the first encounter with the script.

But from here on in, this episode rocks. The Law and Brian encounter, brawl is magnificent, while the stairs and flagpole jump like the Super Mario level one made me understand why they needed that red thing in so many shots before. It was a feeling of enlightenment that this… this, is what they have all been playing for. And minus the brawl, I think that was the most magical reference to It’s all about the game.

To end, the ending was not powerful like I imagined it to be – as the writers, and directors would have been imagined it to be. But that’s not their fault, I haven’t come across any work that uses the line, “You’re and asshole”, or similar that really reflect what should be felt.

Items to look out for, for the five star rating? The return (mega) sack tap from Brian to Law, and Ted and Ki’s break up. I would comment, but I’m afraid that I’ll ruin the perfection it was. Definitely something to look out for, and sit there in awkward awe.