VGHS: S02E02 (2013)

I wasn’t completely blown away with this episode. It was part way between good and meh. Not that I don’t like, or haven’t liked anything in VGHS so far but I finished this episode feeling like nothing happened, and oddly hungry.

We’re beginning to see Mary Matrix’s (played by Cynthia Watros) side as coach, but it’s nothing more than any parent coaching their kid’s soccer team. She’s supposed to be good, amazing, an actual FPS freak. Yet I’m feeling quite underwhelmed by her character. There’s nothing to show me that she’s going to be as good as Ace from season one. Hopefully she pulls something out!

Additionally, the janitor role for Brian was a 50/50 chance at working. Maybe this episode doesn’t hold much for the role yet, bunt hopefully it does. I think though the best part was when Dean Calhoun (played by Harley Morenstein) pushes the mop over the desk. I don’t think I have laughed so much at a blank expression.

Yet, as I’ve stated nothing in this episode as an arc to the whole season is grabbing at me wondering how this will come back later. What did excite me was the podcast. Technically not the episode, but the explanation behind it was quite interesting and something I’ve always been a strong promoter of.

Editing. Especially less showing of shots. It’s not lazy filming or storytelling, but allowing the audience to feel and be treated as an intellect.

One point of when Brian D (played by Josh Blaylock) exits the janitor closet with the salad really reflects how something could have been over shot and edited. What we were presented was a nice single take of Brian and the action occurring within that one take. The panel explained they were contemplating a close up of the salad being hit, then a close up of it hitting the ground, then an expression, then the wide shot, another close up. It becomes messy, and not a real representation of life. It breaks down the natural feel of realism, and begins to make you wonder about the shots rather than feel for the story.

Maybe this episode is for another age bracket? Maybe I’m not hitting it off with the corny humour? But really there’s nothing left for me to review that hopes of improvement.