SYNC: Episode Eight (2012)

Continuing the story is hard when you’re on the other side of the world, and the viewer knows everything has to take place in America. So there is no surprise with the fact an extraction team come and save Charlie (played by Tanner Thomason) and Yoshi (played by Krista Marie Yu) from the middle of nowhere in China.

However, the more important parts of the series are seemingly occurring in the shorter sections of the episodes. For the first 30 seconds of the episodes we see the empty shells roaming around and even being disarmed by US soldiers. These sections of grabs, each time being minute within the episode reflect that greater importance in the storyline.

Yet, somehow these minor aspects seemingly wanting to be the A story, are further and further being pushed in to the B story. We are finding that the aspects of Charlie and in relation to women to be more of the A story as he has always been accompanied with one throughout the entire series thus far.

There is nothing extraordinarily exciting about this episode since we have known all along that Charlie and Yoshi were alive. We see a little glimpse of what could be love, but more likely survival affection between the two characters. And this is something quite welcoming since the last love instigation was between Charlie and his fiancé (which if you recall didn’t turn out according to plan).

If you miss this episode, I don’t believe you will miss anything from the story.