SYNC: Episode Six (2012)

How on earth would you get from America to Hong Kong when you are a government asset, a “rogue” agent, have no money, passport, or clothes that are covered in blood? If you thought “clever scripting, and a tad of movie magic” then boy put on some new underwear ’cause you are right!

Right, so leaving off last episode Charlie is on his way to Asia, to scout out one girl out of two billion people. Yeah I know right, pretty ambitious! But it sort of came to mind, how the hell is he going to travel across the globe with no humanly possible way of getting there?

Thoughts did rush. I thought maybe we’d find a friend that can fly. Maybe he can sync anywhere. Maybe it was too difficult to explain and he’d just pop up. The latter was my first impression when the car pulled up in the night opening of episode six. It seemed all too easy and all the effort of showing how great of a series this was for the internet to fall victim to poor storyline. Luckily, Sam and Niko weren’t going to let it slide.

Enter, Ghost (played by Harley Morenstein). Yes our beloved Epic Meal Time host, dean from VGHS, and all round internet badass makes an appearance. Yet for the first time I actually enjoy his presence. It holds something somewhat nostalgic, somewhat Banner/Hulk like. An alone ranger hiding from the government in his lair that is neither cowardly, nor excessive. It seems like the perfect utopia of secret government agency stories. I was really impressed. Okay, some of that came from the singlet, night gown, glasses, and golf buggy.

WE MADE IT TO HONG KONG! Alright, so we’ve synced to a shell thats in the ocean, but we knew it was going to work. The 50/50 chance of survival of the sync was not, in any way suspenseful.

This is where I highly recommend watching – it is chemistry like no other. When you remove guns from the violence, and watch purely the physical force that characters encompass then you will truly understand what action films are about. The fighting style not Hong Kong Action levelled (that is expected) is still enough for you to admire the athleticism of the fighters.

Additional to this is the way a setting is set up to locate characters in a world without needing wide shots. It wasn’t perfect, but that’s what made it even more worth the watch. There are no faults for me except the killing is done with guns, not defeating honour.