SYNC: Episode Four (2012)

Now this is a script that knows its editing, and that’s all testament to Sam and Niko’s (and Clint) time on YouTube as well as global films. Or maybe it’s just that Dr. John Wyatt (played by Jai Koutrae) has the best PR representative team that he can regurgitate the same respond over two interviews.. Who knows?

What’s important to know is that Dr. Wyatt is unclear to be good or bad officially, despite his appearance to scream evil guy – that is until he enters the car and he initiates some plan in Hong Kong. This is when I had no clue what was going on since he talked way too soft. I understand it’s meant to be serious, and private, but if you look like a bay guy, and you’re in the car, talk loudly and then kill the driver.

Maybe they’re just trying to prove a point on who’s doing the killing (of real people, Charlie in episode one doesn’t count). But raising issues of homeland security is too of complete importance in these types of films/series since singularity will affect the entire globe not contained to a single country. Possibly why the concern to killing isn’t highlighted over the impact AI will have if they begin an uprising.

On the storyline side, adding human (among conflicting corporations) conflict would mess the series up more than what the inclusion of the singularity would – and noted more important to combat. I believe if this episode was brought back one, and episode two was not existent (or shorter) this conflict could emerge, but we’re too far in. Too far.

Location-wise, I would like to urge the use of the television set studio to not be used, unless you dress it up, or not with the windows to the back. Hell maybe just use a shallow depth of field in the two shots. It’s simply too distracting, and bright. I don’t know, maybe it works for others, but to me it looks like a university studio.

If you already understand what is occurring in S.Y.N.C., in terms of the singularity, uprising, and how it affects Charlie (who is run on this artificial intelligence), then I highly recommend turning on YouTube’s Interactive Transcript! Totally worth it.