SYNC: Episode Twelve (2012)

Wow. Simply wow. You will not be disappointed with this series. Recommended to watch this episode two times over, and then in a start-to-end episode one to twelve.

I’m not going to lie, this ending is a little confusing if you’re not familiar with singularity, and the theories behind its existence (if any). But in a nut shell, the programme that released the singularity in episode three has infiltrated every electrical equipment in the world. It knows everything, and anything it needs to.

What is nice is the costume runs by Charlie (played by Tanner Thomason) as he speaks to the singularity (who flips through the identities of Charlie and Dr. Wyatt – played by Jai Koutrae). In the first instance you are thrown off by the jump shots, and the costume changes thinking not enough coverage was filmed – or the dreaded rush finish!

What really is going on is the fact neither Wyatt or Charlie are really there, only being emulated by the singularity until they have no need to it. They aren’t dead, only absorbed by the singularity itself and now apart of it. If there are any Dragon Ball Z fans, it is very much similar to Majin Buu absorbing fighters and taking their powers.

The series ends on the note that the singularity is present, waiting for humanity to be ready for it. This on the most part is a theory where people believe technology is alive, but not willing to show itself to humanity – kind of like those times when computers just reset themselves and you’re not even near it.

And I believe this is the best ending for the series. Everything is going to be fine (it’s implied) in the real world with the duplicate Charlie, and the singularity will continue to grow under the noses of the world.

My personal favourite for this episode (and the entire series) are the visual effects. Firstly when Charlie enters the singularity’s world we see a beautiful, and delicate representation of matte painting. Next the deletion of Wyatt in memory of V.G.H.S. and the pixels flying off to reflect his death. It is a great display of green screening, and how if done properly can make it look realistic.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!