SYNC: Episode Eleven (2012)

This feels like a very quick episode. It nicely sets up the finale, as well as quashing some theories of how the series would end. There are some great lines, and visuals to go with this episode and cannot really fault it on anything – not that I’m looking.

However, there are a few that I would like to raise that maybe someone can clear up. Firstly the elevator scene. I’m not sure if there are shots missing, or that I’m confused to why Carolin had to push for the alarm. Not in the sense of why but if the security camera saw them enter (helicopter) why wouldn’t the security be there at the top floor waiting? Or how was the security there on the exact floor to when Carolin pushed stop?

Who knows. But while we’re nitpicking, the logo of Dynamic Element Industries doesn’t look like it’s on the wall, and am certain it moves opposite to the real footage. I’m not suggesting buy a real sign, but from their previous works as well as the team who work with them, it looked sloppy and lazy.

Yet, as I’ve said, I’m nitpicking, and only contributes to half a star loss (because of my enjoyment).

The rest of the episode actually makes up for it, and in a huge way. We continue to see Charlie (played by Tanner Thomason) show more human elements, while Dr. John Wyatt (played by Jai Koutrae) emits his true inner villain. Also Agent Barney Griggs (played by Jude Lanston) continues to make me want to throw money at the screen for his performances. He is just… cool.

There isn’t much to say about the episode except it had me wanting more. Some very decent uses of green screening, and slow motion.