SYNC: Episode Ten (2012)

Episode nine and ten seem to be back-to-back specials of a more intricate storyline than “save the world before sunset” as you’ll see in episode ten. We pick up directly from the end of episode nine, and follow Charlie (played by Tanner Thomason) and girlfriend/fiancée-to-be Reese (played by Lauren Plaxco) walking the streets looking for their perfect house. It is sweet, and nice to see more human elements to Charlie before the inevitable battle.

They are talking about their children, and family that will live happily in the “house with a tyre swing” among other previously discussed cute, lovey-dovey propositions. And then out of, well, it isn’t really nowhere, more straight up to them, a van appears and kills Charlie.

I seemed confused at this point that what had to ensue wasn’t going to be good storytelling, and effectively good acting. It was like they (Sam and Niko) wanted the shoot/kill in front of the significant other, while having her react like it was a discovery. I’m really not sure what or why they had it play out this way but it was very dull.

My expectation (and this is pure opinion) was Charlie was snipered out from the distance, while Reese was in horror. Then the van appears and takes Charlie away, holding Reese at gun point to make sure she doesn’t scream. This would have been a better cut to the next scene in the van, rather than watch her scream awkwardly. Remember we are in somebody’s front garden and gun shots have gone off. I’m assuming they would have been running out, or calling the police.

But to get back on track, the mystery leader of the shooting… OKAY, look I know Charlie’s different, but one shot, maybe two not rapid fire. You wanted him alive. Where was I? Yes, we see that Dr. John Wyatt (played by Jai Koutrae) is taking Charlie’s decline in the previous episode a hard way. Fast forward through the mumbling, and Charlie has been transferred into another Charlie shell and then (I think) into Wyatt’s body.

Meanwhile, back at S.Y.N.C. headquarters Agent Eleanor Delaney (played by Cooper Harris) and Agent Barney Griggs (played by Jude Lanston) are arguing on storming Wyatt’s complex since they can’t get a track on Charlie. It’s pretty much boring compared to what had just happened, but still exciting to see (or suspect) that Griggs will be at Wyatt’s fighting in the next episode.

Also having Yoshi (played by Krista Marie Yu) reunited with her laptop is like having all superheroes regain possession with their weapon. She activates a “saved” version of Charlie and explains that there might be another one of him active.

This episode is nearing the pinnacle of the series, and it’s exciting to see how things are panning out. This is the first episode in a while where if you miss it, you won’t be able to pick up again properly. As well as the acting, and development of characters that you expect to see. There’s no arguing over “classified information”, rather having Charlie tell Yoshi there are more than one of him being enough to satisfy Agent Delaney with providing more information.