Albinar 420-800mm Lens f8.3-16

This lens isn’t a solo purchase. What the sellers won’t tell you is that you definitely, highly recommended (unless you want to break your camera mount), need a tripod. This lens is good, but not perfect. But if you are expecting a $10,000 lens for this item, then prepared to be disappointed. This lens is cheap for a reason, but still can provide some really nice images if used right. Comparing this lens to any of the more expensive lenses you’ll quickly learn that it takes a little effort to get used to the controls as everything is manual. My...

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Inline HDMI Resolution Upscaler

If you’re like me and got most of your equipment prior to the 4K revolution, making the jump to the extra pixels might not be the most financially suitable option. At first I was very skeptical of 4K, coming straight off the back of 3D and curved televisions. Now, I don’t mean that 4K doesn’t have a use in filmmaking, but when so many “features” are being thrown at you, you really have to question whether the investment is going to stick around in the long run. With that all in mind, 4K filming, and definitely online broadcast has cemented...

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