Before Midnight (2013)

So at this point we know the complete story. We know how they met, who they are, and what they do. We understand how their past lives have changed and how they live now. It’s that final part where they live happily ever after, kind of.

You see this film I think is the explanation of when you know someone so long, that you think nothing will surprise you or you know all their stories. Until they reveal something you never knew and you’re sitting in a limbo of how do I react. I think it’s a clever way to end the trilogy more on the basis of the Jesse character versus Celine.

Both have sacrificed a lot to end up here, but one is more optimistic while the other pessimistic. Not eternally and locked that way but in heated arguments, yes. But being rational, as they agreed many years before, they understand each other more as the argument progresses. And that’s your trilogy to life from film over twenty years. Be a cynic and bitter about opportunities or seize them with a rational and willing mind.

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