How We Score Reviews

TL;DR: the review box: quick look summary of what we thought; the review body: it's where the cool kids hang!

This page aims to break down how reviews are conducted. Using this guide will show what the different sections are for, and how they are used.

The review box also allows us to remain consistent with our reviews, and provide objective viewpoints which is further discussed in our ethics section.

Below is an example to demonstrate and for use to dissect the review box. This will be the main type of review you will find on this site (video) however, it should be noted that we do have other types of review which do show a few variations or added sections in the box.

Individual ratings

The individual ratings (out of 5) are comprised of a selection of attributes we think help an item to be reviewed against.

Was it worth the money? - How are the features? - Does it visually look good?

These are some of the ratings we score our reviews against. Not only does it help the average Joe to understand the item's triumphs and failures, but to you as a member of the mbfilms community, is it worth it?

Additional information

In this section of the review box, we will have a little information about the product. This can be the directors, the platforms a game can be played on, among other little details we deem important to know about.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are what help make this website possible, but we also understand advertisements are annoying. We believe that these links are non-intrusive, and if you want to buy the reviewed item help give back to the website.

We only select the places we would use (Amazon, iTunes, eBay, B&H Photo). You can read more about advertising on mbfilms.

Review body

This is where we get heavy. Though the average rating ★★★★½ and the individual rating have set criteria depending on what type of item they are, the review body is where we divulge into the nitty gritty. Maybe we'll focus on the acting, or the direction. Perhaps we'll explain the cons to the initial start up, or commend the comprehensive functionality of a product.

This is the section where you really get to know what's going on, and really ascertain an understanding of what is being reviewed - either good or bad.