Wipe Off 5

Beginning my visual effects passion, I tried to emulate a prominent, and reoccurring advertisement in Australia. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) are the body in Australia dedicated to reducing the road toll each year – effectively saving lives.

As I was studying the TAC’s effect on the audience, applying various media theories on their television advertisements, I questioned how an advertisement style like this (the graphic approach) was one they used for a near 10 years.

Pondering through, I assumed it was the easiest way to convey a message: “This could be you”.

Also at that time, a video test project was set to judge our ability to understand how to use a video camera in terms of framing, and eventually aid in our short film.

Powerful shot of seeping blood

Author’s note:

Wow! Looking back, this looks very primitive in terms of VFX, framing, and overall quality. It was the day of standard definition, and serious computing hardware were not on everyone’s mind (well at least in the area I was in). Plasma screens would have cost you in excess of $20,000 while each house had one computer. You can see the mask is very slim, while the colour is washed out. I remember upscaling to a 720p (the computers couldn’t handle 1080p!) composition in After Effects which has made it quite pixelated.

The second part (running) was my favourite part filming, and composing. It was the initial stages of learning about transfer modes in After Effects, while not being apart of any tutorial to base off. I believe the impact this shot has over the actual crash is higher due to the point of view. Perhaps if it were to be reshot, a point of view getting hit would tie all the points together.

Additionally, the animation of the odometre winding back (to many people’s surprise) was entirely recreated. The option was there to insert the actual file, but I was destined to learn about animating the odometer and matching the font.