Mom Died

With full disclaimer, this is a Kickstarter project I supported back in 2014, which I hadn’t really heard any news from so I assumed it had just gone under. I kind of wrote the support off after I sent contact to Robin asking if it was still on track, but I never got a response.

Which I guess is a big pitfall to supporting films via Kickstarter (and the similar crowdfunding platforms). You really are hoping it takes off, and gets some sort of traction, and ultimately gets made. But like every investment, there is the risk factor. Now I’m not saying Marvel or any of the big blockbuster films had that level of risk, but it is always a possibility. This is where I find crowdfunding so perfect. It provides the average person the insight into investing into a product, and actually supporting products that interest them.

My point being, if you support and are interested in projects, invest not only once or for the reward(s) but for the entire project, and something you’ll be proud of. This is where Mom Died (originally titled Frank Is A Bowler) comes into play for me.

Somewhere outside of Saginaw, Michigan, a lonely farmhouse glows with life in the moonlight amid a bleak untended plot of land. Inside a family of six sits down for a routine family dinner. An act of sibling cruelty leads to violent, life altering series of events.Robin

This was the description in the original post, and Robin explained that filmmaking is hard without collaboration – so support one another!

As the short film plays out, it (as it did to others) reminded me of Punch Drunk Love, which if you watch the original trailer below can find the camera and soundscape links quite easily. Also a time when Adam Sandler was doing good in society!

The short itself too is fairly obvious to the reasoning of the erratic characters. Much like the film The Assassination of Jesse James, the title of the film tells the viewer exactly what or why things are the way they are. It only works in certain circumstances, and wouldn’t be too keen on watching films titled, “Good Guys Win, But There is a Cliffhanger”. Mom Died, sets the scene and tone of the film even before it starts. You know you’re entering into a world that more than likely will be chaotic.

Then with the absence of the mother figure, and the diversification of the characters you can kind of see the connection between the various stages of death. As one person said, “I saw anger, aloofness, the wanting to fix things, anxiousness, confeontation, depersonalization, desperation, support.” Which is exactly what you go through when you lose someone – especially that close.

It is a short that deserves every award it receives, and hopefully a lot more than it already has!

Ultimately, the two year gap and minimal contact was fairly annoying, but for the product to turn out the way it did, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!