Goodbye, Tomorrow

What happens when we die? Is there a heaven? Hell? Reincarnate? Dissipate?

Goodbye, Tomorrow runs on the concept that we are assigned a person who needs us the most as their imaginary friend. The assignment is based on how you died, and what your assigned person needs you for.

The scheme has been running smooth for many years without mortals knowing that their imaginary friend is another person’s deceased relative. Until Lucy (played by Gemma Minuz) is assigned Mike (played by Michael Cookson), and a love is brewed. The most difficult task of growing up with an imaginary friend though is letting go – especially when it means never being with them again.

How can the two plan on spending the rest of their lives together if one is real and the other imaginary? Is it possible to have a trans-dimensional relationship?

Author’s note:

This is the major project that continued from the Wipe Off 5 advertisement test – which you can tell from the short itself. It was an ambitious film to write and film as my resources were very limited – particularly my understanding of lighting and camera sensors. I remember the candle scene in real life being simply jaw dropping, but on camera was pretty boring – all of course the one thing I needed was to set the focus!

All-in-all still an excellent production which I may or may not reprise!