To The Ones That Got Away

This was a side project to my travels in Europe. I wanted to do something while I was away for 3 months, but something that wouldn’t distract me from the holiday.

My initial plan was to photograph and video graffiti all over the world, and show the different types of ways people express themselves – especially in foreign languages. Though I did see many types of graffiti, and started by getting some in Melbourne to compare it against, I wasn’t interested in getting (or carrying) a DSLR around with me.

As I told people of my plan, and side project, they all began to ask if I was getting a DSLR or which lenses I would bring. Which started my thoughts on why people think they need these types of cameras to get a good photo.

Thus the idea was born – proof you can take beautiful pictures with pretty basic pieces of equipment.

I took my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT25, iPhone 5 (later needing to buy an iPhone 5S), and my GoPro 3. The aim of the book was to take amazing photos and show the world that you don’t need expensive items to do so – they only make it easier.

It was about taking products we own and using them in ways you wouldn’t think – polaroid sunglasses as a filter, photos through cloth, at different angles, etc.

You can find the iBook here at the Apple Book Store, which is a free download and available for iPhone and iPad.