Recently I was asked to make some lower thirds for a television show called 1700.

There were in total 14 different types of lower thirds that needed to be made, and I thought it’d be a really fun project considering the entire show was being revamped to take a new artistic direction.

This project also gave me the first opportunity to use the Lovelo font (which you can find here).

Here are the lower third iterations from each version:

Version 1: using the logo colours

My first idea came to maintain the colour scheme that the designers were aiming to take the show. I am a strong believer of simple colour schemes and minimising the scheme to around five colours. This allows branding to flourish through and repetition to make a strong impact. However, the only colours I received were from the logo itself – orange and bubblegum blue. I ran with it, and then realised it is a little overkill.

Version 2: changing to a neutral colour scheme

So changing the colour to shades of grey (tinted into the blue) allowed me to use white as the font colour. Also made the logo pop a little more, while not altering the overall colour scheme the show was going to have.

Version 3: making the lower third float instead of edge-to-edge

Just a minor change that the producers wanted to change.

Version 4: the final product

Cleaning up, straightening some shapes, and fixing the font aliasing.

Version 4: reflecting the transparency

This is the final product in full PNG format. Unfortunately the web doesn’t show the transparency as it would in Photoshop and if there is a different image below. Also it is altered to match the pixel dimensions of the television show (with the embedded pixel aspect ratio).