All of the reviews that are conducted here are purely self funded (unless we state otherwise). Now that may seem like an obvious quick one liner to get the ethics section out of the way but we want to make this as simple as possible.

When we review a film, product, person or company, or anything else that falls under the creative umbrella it is usually self funded. The reviewer either buys their own ticket to the movies, or kickstarts a project, or genuinely wants to write a review piece about someone.

We always write how we got there, and usually if we went with friends. In all fairness, the environment of the review greatly does influence the reviewers mindset. But that's how our reviews normally go. We want to see how a film or product is and we will do exactly what you would, as a consumer.

You may notice sometimes though that we are invited out, or gain special entry. This can obviously influence the review, or at least the objectivity, but we always write that in the review.

To compensate for things like this, it is also why we have the star-bar rating (which you can read more here on how we rate).

By using the easy to see rating, we have to rate according to the standards that we have set.

If we do ever have a sponsored or endorsed review, we will do two explicit rules which we follow here at mbfilms to undertake to ensure objectivity.

Rule one

The first rule is to actually mention that the review has in fact been endorsed. We may say something along the lines of:

...though this review has been funded by [insert company name] through the donation of this piece of equipment we still aim to give you the best unbiased review possible...

And we understand that it sounds very wishy-washy but we will give a fair and truthful review. If it is a piece of garbage and it's not supposed to be, we'll tell you. If it is the greatest thing ever, we'll tell you that too.

We never liked seeing paid reviews when we were buying products or watching films, so we're not going to treat you that way.

Rule two

You'll see a nice, bright looking banner that will explicitly state that that review had been endorsed. It'll look like this:

This is an endorsed review. Find out more about endorsed reviews

Other than being straight up about it's endorsement, it'll also have a link to this page were you can genuinely know how we feel about endorsed reviews.

In addition to our commitment to stating when reviews may have an unintended bias, we too like to set ourselves separate ethically from our advertisers and affiliates.

Many of the affiliate links we have around the site are there to generate money to continue the functioning of the website and provide more reviews. We don't however, push products or affiliate links that we ourselves wouldn't want to use had we not had a connection to the company.

To clear that up, we will post adverts to camera companies, shop categories, among other things but we won't list items that have no beneficial use to you as a creative.

You can read more here about advertisements and advertisers on mbfilms.

As always, you can check out our privacy policy here and our terms of service here.