There are two types of advertisements you'll see on this website: affiliate links and endorsed reviews.

Here we're going to talk about affiliate links, but if you want to read more about endorsed reviews and their credibility jump on over to our ethics page to see how we maintain our integrity and objectivity.

Affiliate links

Firstly, the affiliate links you'll find around the site aren't here to confuse or annoy you. If you do find one or more that do cause any distaste contact us detailing the page or advertiser.

Affiliate links can be seen on various pages throughout the site, where it is clearly marked with the "Advertisement" writing and/or the icon.

Each affiliate is hand picked by us to be here. We only select the crème de la crème of advertisers! The selection of advertisements chosen are ones that will either benefit you, you will enjoy using, or are products or services we currently use.

With each advertiser being hand picked by us, not on their attractiveness, but on the nature that these are products and services we would (or do) use.

Why advertise at all?

Running the website, providing insight into filmmaking, and reviewing products costs money.

Using the affiliate links to buy items costs you nothing extra - seriously - we simply take a percentage from the advertiser. So think of it as a win-win situation, you help us make more content for you and you still pay the same price!

If you do feel that using our links are offensive, not down your alley, or want to use an adblocker but still want to support us consider donating via our PayPal link or the Buy Me a Hot Chocolate? button in the footer.

Do you sell my details?

AWWW HELL NO! If we did, then we wouldn't need to advertise, and probably be living in Nigeria than Melbourne, Australia! We are internet users just like you, we browse the web, and upmost we hate spam/selling of our details. We don't like when our details are put in jeopardy, so we would never plan on selling yours.

Can I advertise with you?

If it matches our audience and community, then sure! Otherwise don't bother because we're not into spamming our users. Use this contact form regarding your proposal.