About Us

We are an online production team

We love and adore creativity

We have been working since 2010

We are based in Melbourne, Australia

We believe simplicity is beautiful

We strive for your enjoyment

Our story

Started in 2010, Mark Battistella Films (aka mbfilms) was the brainchild of, well, Mark Battistella.

With a need to showcase some of the projects that we were involved in, it became something much more. Teaching the world how to utilise basic techniques to produce breathtaking results (or simply a more organised workflow) became the focus of this website.

We like to inspire, comment, and review all types of creative works. Our aim is to entertain our readers through the films we create, the articles we write, and reviews we produce. We want to make you feel breathless for a moment, that second, when you're hanging onto the edge of the seat.

Though at its root level we focus on video (features, shorts, webseries) we do like to touch on all facets of creativity.

We love people. We're pro people. We're actually really in love with you! Creating projects, friends, and sharing them with the world is the essence of mbfilms. Everyday creativity blossoms through the minds of individuals around the globe who fashion new insights into production and then share their experience with fellow creators.

We started this from the ground with nothing (just like many of you starting out). But this is a community which has produced some unique insights and reflections available to everybody. Every single attribution supports a community that in turn supports the future of innovative creative design!