We Need Your Help

It’s not very often we ask for your help. But believe it or not, we do.

We’re making a super huge project and want you to be apart of it!

“How” you might ask? Simple! If you are a screenwriter, storyteller, or just have a story then we want to make it.

THAT SOUNDS SO CLICHÉ! And it is, but the team here have come to the point that we’re ready to tackle a big project. Over the last few years we’ve been working tirelessly on singular projects, many that don’t get shown publicly (for legal reasons), as well as helping the community with their tasks.

So what do you need to do?

If you have a script that is no longer than eight (8) minutes in length we want you to send it to: [email protected]. It can be a Microsoft Word document, PDF, Final Draft, or Celtx file.

If you want to have it uploaded to Dropbox then email through the link! Or tweet, or Facebook message us.

We’ll then contact you if your script is chosen, and contact from there.

Entries close: 31st of May 2014 (international), and 14th of June 2014 (Australia)

By submitting your script you are agreeing to our Terms of Service here at Mark Battistella Films. In allowing us to read your script you are subject to our Privacy Policy too. We aren’t going to steal your idea, or off sell it. We like you want to get work out there, and we have the platform to allow that to happen.