#InspirationFriday: Patience is a Virtue

A friend of mine told me about a video essay that he watched about Leonardo Da Vinci which changed his outlook on life, and mentality of current social trends. I have linked to the videos before as Hot Links but I think this warrants a post explaining (or highlighting) the message.

It is no secret that Da Vinci was an excellent person who excelled in nearly every field he dabbled in. We still project his work, admire the masterpieces, and marvel the craftsmanship. But what we forget is that he, like all of us, had to work his way through the ladder of shitty jobs before he became the person we know of today.

If you watch these video analyses of Da Vinci’s work, you’ll understand what I mean by the title “Patience is a Virtue”, because let’s face it – it is.

We live in a world of immediacy, and “the now” which convolutes our perception of life. Our demands of success are instant, and nobody wants to think about starting at the bottom to work your way up. I’ll agree with those out there that will argue in today’s day and age that the ability to propel to the top without working hard for it is easier, I’m not denying that. What I am saying though is you sometimes have to realise that even those cases have been ones where the creator would be slaving away for days before getting any attention.

Additionally, I think with our lack of patience we are missing out on a huge portion of life. While I catch the train into work I play music through my headphones, and stare out the window. Occasionally I will glance at the other commuters who are all staring into their multiple devices. And this isn’t a call to detach from them or social media because doing so would hinder you just as much as being apart of it. What I am saying though is while I stare out the window I experience a view on the world that not many people are enjoying anymore – and it’s free.

So from Leonardo’s work taking multiple years before becoming recognised, to you putting on your blinkers on a daily basis, stop and slow down a little. Know that with time everything will fall into place, but you’ll never be able to recapture those experiences if you had your head lodged in your devices.