#InspirationFriday: Make money

People always say that you should do what makes you happy, and if you can make money out of it them that’s an added bonus. Especially in our industry we have to be aware of the shortcomings – it’s difficult to be creative and make a living.

But that’s where the late 20th century comes in, and the rise of technology, mainly the internet. We all know nowadays that one viral video from YouTube can lead to all your uploaded content generating advertisement revenue, or sponsorship, or both. I’m not suggesting it’s easy, in fact it is probably really difficult now because the market is so saturated but you always have a chance. And the only way to break that market is to have a new angle.

That’s where this week’s InspirationFriday comes from. But rather than becoming and dominating a niche market, this inspiration comes from repurposing old items. More importantly, worthless items.

In this marketing idea of ingenuity, Coca-Cola repurposed their old bottles to be the base package to extra add ons. And you might not think this is such a great deal for a well established company like Coke, but lets put it this way: you buy one pack of eight accessories that fit on a Coke bottle. You have two choices, buy eight bottles of Coke or interchange the accessories with one bottle. I’m no fortune teller, but I’d be willing for convenience people would be more included to just purchase eight bottles.

But what’s more important to this advert is the fact that people reuse Coke bottles all the time. From using it as a water bottle, to filling up the water in your car, or holding other liquids like soap or washing detergent. The bottles are already a staple in society as a secondary item to its initial intention – a refreshing drink. But by Coke marketing these accessories in with the bottles that’s a way to make money, conveniently enough this week’s topic.

So where does this fall into the creative industry and the process of inspiration?

Well for starters you got to take the approach that what you are trying to do may already be getting done, the only difference is the consumer is doing it in a work around hack rather than something professional you can provide. This is why many of the Kickstarter or IndieGoGo projects are a success because it is something that people either feel will improve their lives or it opens a new market.

Take the example of the electronic digital watch. It started out as a simple Kickstarter campaign, and then became inundated with competitors. And surely the watches made by Samsung and (eventually) Apple will dominate because of the market branding, but Pebble will always be that little step ahead because they did it first. I’m not saying they will always succeed or be the best makers but people will see the brand and think, “well they do know what they’re doing.” The same mentality occurred with music players, and how Apple revolutionised the market with the portable music player.

The function was always available on many Nokia phones before the first iPod, but if you can make it a way that people feel that they need it rather than want, then you will make money.

But let’s get this straight, we’re not in it for the money. We create because we love to entertain and enlighten. We need the money so it becomes self-funding and continues to generate more content.

So get out there and find that item that’s missing. This is the inspiration that is telling you to find something that isn’t working (or isn’t official) and be the first to bring it to the masses. This is not just physical, but to everything. Write a screenplay that is split into several parts, each containing new actors where at the end of each part the new actors are somehow written in to mingle with the old ones (I don’t know). Or make a movie that is made to be watched in a portrait viewing – iPhone, iPad, other tablets. Make a film that is completely split screen and it follows the main character from the front/back angle on each split.

I don’t know where the next “money” idea is, but when I say “make money” I mean think outside the box. Be inspired to anyway.