#InspirationFriday: Have fun

Having fun is possibly the only way you should live your life. Nothing is enjoyable if there is no fun, but it doesn’t strike a more important chord than when you’re talking about creativity. Working in some very stressful workplaces, under some intense deadlines can make you question whether the product is really worth that stress. But when you’re having fun, then you actually want to be there and I guess that’s the time where productivity is high.

You’ve probably seen those final days of shooting for The Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter where the cast and crew are tearful about the wrap of such productions. Apart from the length of these productions, spanning many years and friendships forming they are actually workplaces that people wanted to be a part of. I hate to be a downer about it but everyone is replaceable if the need is there, so to see such sets really not want to wrap a film shows that only those who wanted to be there, were.

But this inspiration post is more than just team work and friendships. It’s about finding the joy in things that really aren’t that much fun.

And there is nothing more depressing than a 404 error webpage. It really is the one place of a website that you really don’t wish your user to see because it means that the query they were after is non-existent. And if it is non-existent then it means you have dead links resulting in a bad SEO. Usually this causes 404 error pages to be plain, simple, and mundane. I’m not suggesting that countless hours of design should go into them, but I think it lets the user know that it isn’t the “back up” page (and by “back up” page I mean rather than showing a blank page its like they were thinking of you but not really).

From this you could only imagine the joy I had when I found this 404 error page: Romain Brasier.

It is a game that really doesn’t get you anywhere, or does it help you find what you were looking for, but it is fun. I understand that the website is for web development so this shows the kind of real-world application that they can provide, but in itself the error page is great.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. No, one of the most popular 404 error pages in my opinion is the IMDb that has film quotes relating crafted around missing or the term “webpage”.

But like I said these pages aren’t supposed to be viewed, but their dedication to make them enjoyable as much as the actual function website is simply beautiful.

So how should you be inspired from such error pages? Well I think the underlying message of this all is don’t be a pessimist, be optimistic. Having fun isn’t a call for people to not take their work seriously or deny the need to focus on their task at hand.

Having fun is the notion of being likeable to the degree of not taking yourself too seriously, and others too seriously. But also to look at tasks that aren’t particularly enjoyable or what you want to do and flip them into things that are.

So go out, and have fun!