Sony FS100 Picture Profiles

The Sony NXCAM FS100 video camera has shown that it is more than capable of being a sturdy piece of equipment, as well as producing some magnificent images. This comes down to the low light feature, as well as the sensor size that it holds.

But there have also been some Picture Profiles that have arisen as of late, that allow you to really take this camera and “point and shoot”. It adds the style directly into the image, so no need to grade – but in that, there is no going back.

So from these styles, we made a simple compilation of the profiles that are great to use while shooting. No more need to have so many bookmarks, pieces of scrap paper, and necessities to remember to check for updates – we did it all for you.

Remember to test the profile before filming the real thing, and adjust them to your liking. There are a few neutral profiles in there, choose one that you like. These are provided “as is” and you’d probably want to change them or else everyone will have the same look.

The PDF File

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