Fork: A Short Film about Extra-Dimensional Cutlery

Mark Battistella Films is proud to present, Fork: A Short Film About Extra-Dimensional Cutlery, a short film written and directed by Matt Sherwell.

What the Fork?

Sometimes you can’t just Google the answer. Some mysteries have to be solved first hand. Amy and Zoe are two housemates who, in many ways, are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Amy thinks that knowledge is power. Zoe, on the other hand is a more hands-on sort of chick. But when 35 foot high Fork appears in your back yard overnight, you tend to start questioning your view of the world. You might even question your own sanity!

To solve this metaphysical conundrum, Amy and Zoe are gonna have to put their heads together and their differences aside. If they can manage that, their encounter with the Fork might just change their lives forever. But will it it be a change for the better..?

What we need…

So Fork is a short film that is going to be funded by the generous donations of you. We know, we know, “How can I trust you with my money?” and that’s a valid point. But under the strict guidelines of Pozible (our system of pledges) we are required to actually produce the task we set. Anyway… who doesn’t want to make a film?!

We would love if you guys and gals could head over to the Fork website on Pozible:, and donate some money for this great film!

But wait… There’s more!

Yes that’s right, we never want to leave you empty handed so there are some really awesome prizes you get simply for donating! Yes that’s right, you do a good deed AND get prizes!

There are Postcards, DVDs, and BluRay copies of the film to be scored. And why not try and grab a Sketchbook of all the planning from the folks at MBFilms? You can even get a personalised video message from us with some of our neat tips and tricks, or if you’re really keen why not get the fork that was used in the actual film itself engraved with your name! There are so many options of prizes you can get that it’d be silly to not get something!

Our donation packages range from $1 all the way up to $300+! But don’t sweat it if you can’t donate a lot, do what you can, and what you want in terms of PRIZES!