Design v3

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We rolled out a new design today, and we’re quite excited about it! Some people think that our last one was quite recent but it was actually last year when we released version 2! We know right?! Time flies! But that seems to be the average time between versions for us so keep keen.

Current [v3]

Old [v2]

Features and Advancements

Some new features are that of quite significance! We monitored the activity of users, and where they went often (and where they didn’t go or participate). From this we noticed the Forum, and our Live Chat sections were going unnoticed so they have been closed until there’s an audience for them – as well as content!

We also changed the Featured tab to now be a Portfolio, which is going to be a collation of all our work. We found that we have so much work all over the internet that a single place to link from was a good idea. It also will be the place where blogged portfolio items will be placed so you can find them through all the static text!

The Store has temporarily been closed due to issues with suppliers, but we’re slowly setting up solid partnerships with others to make sure if one goes down another can replenish its loss.

Notes of Upgrade

So the real reason to upgrade was to take full advantage of the HTML5 and CSS3 features that are now widely used by our returning audience. We think that the design too is very easy to follow in comparison to the older design. The font is bigger, and stacked to compliment the OS (and fonts installed). We also removed the sidebar in the actual posts as we were noticing that when we wanted to post a video, people had to squint or open the video in full screen. We are utilising 80 percent of the width of your browser to allow you to fit as much in as possible (though we do stop at 1200px).

We have changed from Verdana font face for all OS, and opted for a Helvetica Neue, Arial, and sans-serif stack. We understand there are vast amounts of evidence for using this (or not using) this stack but from what we have tested, and considering the sidebar is no longer an intrusion in the width of the site it is the best option. We were thinking of using the font-face CSS3 attribute, but weren’t entirely sold by the compatibility, and page load speeds.

At the current testing stages, the site works on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera quite well (with only a few kinks here and there). In Internet Explorer, it still renders correctly, yet there are a few more kinks to iron out than the other browsers. We are working toward a correction CSS, but time is of the essence and running out! So people just hang in there!

Yeah we know, ads… But hear us out! We sourced some companies that are actually worthy of checking out. When we began, adverts that told us to buy $5000 cameras were ridiculous and well beyond our budget so we didn’t do that. There are magazines, posters, DVD/ Blu-Ray, etc. companies that actually help you think more about film rather than believe products make you advanced.

We also tried making them as clean, and non-distracting as possible. These are seriously things that we would love to use or do use/own that we thought would be great for you.

Future Intentions

As of the moment, we see this design lasting for quite a while as all the features are available widely across browsers. Our next steps will most likely include a fluid design, but it most likely be the same appearance… who knows? Not us at the moment!