Coffee. I need my damn coffee!

The title says it really. After living on a (un)healthy diet of… well, coffee, it was about time to bring somethings up to date on the site, and all round internet adventures! Many behind-the-scenes jobs, that keep us all busy among other relaxing things that make us that lazy to even begin. But alas, where here!

To begin, we finished the month off with three productions (that are still being considered for the festival circuit – thus the lack of seeing them). Firstly a micro film by Hieu Chau titled, Boy Friends, that follows his sweet rise into Asian cinema, reflecting the powerful knowledge of the required style. A one man crew, and three person cast, all of course in Vietnamese, makes this a nice little micro film.

Next in line comes, Matt Sherwell’s Bat, a passionate love hate romance film, with a huge dash of bat – yes, bat. It stems from relationship that comes under the true test of trust when a bat begins to terrorise the main characters’ relationship with one another.

An unlikely film in the fictional world we like to live in is, Hieu Chau’s documentary, Comfortably Living. The theme of sustainability raised the interest by Hieu to know how exactly the Department of Housing in Melbourne exactly went around to provide suitable places for people to live. A nice personal touch of his family, friends, and community that he has known to love and be apart of. Mark Battistella was camera operator.

Michael Bowen and David Ross too have been busy both working on another documentary, Every Last Bite, that follows the concern of having enough food to sustain Melbourne’s increasing population as food wastage increases too. An intriguing insight into “snout to tail” eating, and how a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, and omnivore could benefit from this way of preparing food. Michael was production manager, while David produced the original music.

New web features

Venturing out to version 3 of the website brought many awesome features (fluidity, HTML5 and CSS3, and usability) but it was an unfinished product. It now is near (99%) complete, with it accessible on smart phones, tablets, and a range of desktop resolutions!

Also introduced is the references page which – when finished – will contain a compilation of filmmaking terms in an clear, and understandable manner. It will become a great resource for beginners or buffs who would like to know exactly what that person in the credits does on set. Or when viewing the behind the scenes, and a call is made that throws you off. If you have any terms you think should be added drop us a message.

We have begun a calendar for filmmakers, and film goers alike. It contains a listing of upcoming film festivals from around the globe along with information that makes it very useful when deciding where to send your film in to. We have included the entry fee, deadlines, and links to add the event to you Google Calendar or iCal app! And festival goers, we included the map, and dates, all of course in the calendar download.

Applications and Downloads

We didn’t stop there with new additions though. The new Field of View Comparer is a web app that allows iPhone users to compare two video camera sensors side-by-side. This is great for multi-camera setups that require the same focal length but different cameras, as well as knowing that you can pick up any camera for its features, and still match it to another.

In coming times, there will be more apps on more platforms.

Another sweet freebie is our Sony NEX FS100 Picture Profiles PDF that is a clear round up of the nicest, and optimal preset profiles that you can use for all your filming. We highly recommend the Kodachrome style, but of course these are all very worth your time and the creators have been swell in their innovations! As new profiles are created, we’ll add them, so contact us if you have one!

So like all workaholics, we’ve been busy. We need our coffee. Seriously.