MacBook Pro Wallpaper, and iPhone Home Screens

Click the image to download the high resolution (free!)

The above image is for a MacBook Pro (or any 1440×900 resolution).

We are were planning to release full ranges! But this is the newest wallpaper that we’ve created… It’s a spin off of the math equation e=mc2 (below). We are also planning on selling t-shirts, hats, and other miscellaneous items of things that make you unique! So wait until then… we may even be holding a *cough* competition *cough* *cough* for the initial free ones!

iPhone 4 Wallpapers

We also released some iPhone 4 (only) wallpapers on Facebook earlier this month and people are really enjoying them! Don’t worry so far if your phone brand isn’t an iPhone 4, we’re getting onto designing awesome wallpapers for you. And of course, they’re free! So get one, two, or ten!