Where Have You Been?

Hey everyone who read this… and to all the new people, WELCOME!

So we haven’t really posted in a month or so and thought it’d be good to let you all know what we’ve actually been doing in our time, what’s planned ahead for in the schedule, and planned for this blog!

Okay to start off we redesigned the backgrounds for Twitter (here), YouTube (here) and this blog. As well as a display picture for the Facebook fan page (here).

Now you might be thinking, “Well you can’t have just done that in all that time or else you’re really slow!” And in response, you’re right! We haven’t only been doing the graphics side, but writing scripts – Identify Me, our highly action packed, explosive, and mind-boggling short film – yes to all the people we have run it by, we have decided short film and then feature if it can be expanded. Now we have described the film a little in my previous post, but we are also planning to release many more up until the final production – more of a diary of the entire story, while still not giving away the ending! We’ve also been writing a few (more like 6) academic pieces of work for our university courses. So education unfortunately takes priority at times until we GRADUATE!

Future Planning

What have we got planned ahead for the rest of the year, and holidays (Nov-Mar) is a few productions, highly based editing, and of course future planning ideas. So first off, we will be attempting to film a few action sequences, romance sequences, etc. maybe one or two minutes of storyline which will eventually be reviewed and written for greater use. The second part (highly based editing) is for short film titled ‘Poor Kitty’ which is a Sci-Fi related comedy. So I’ll [Mark] be editor and special effects for that short which I am pretty stoked about, and hopefully will be posted up here or YouTube! The final point of the future plans is merely just more brainstorming, and scripting for definite films that we plan to produce.

Finally, what’s planned for this blog? We hope WILL continue to give insight on films we will be producing, hopefully tutorials on the process – most notably the ‘Poor Kitty’ film which will be documented each day, and hopefully you can get an insight of what and how we do things in post-production! And as more people we collaborate with and team up with we will definitely be interviewing (casually) and seeing how they function and of course what you want to hear!

So we’re glad to bring you all up to speed on where we’ve been and why we’ve been missing… Oh did we mention the ninjas which abducted us? Ah well next time!