Snow Trip 2010

So today I came back from a weeks holiday at Falls Creek which is a snow retreat for boarders, skiers, and general snow lovers! There was so much up there which it amazed me beyond my initial expectations – especially considering it was my first time! First off, the ride there. Boy it was amazing! The scenery is a location managers dream :] Flushing meadows, trees standing 200 metres tall, flowers as far as the eye can see!

The Trip

But being a massive fan and enthusiast of beautiful scenery, I couldn’t go past a rainbow after some light showers. Though this wasn’t a normal rainbow… it was a DOUBLE RAINBOW! I was ecstatic when I saw it thinking this is truly the best first snow trip ever.

When we arrived, I thought how could this trip actually beat a double rainbow? Like that is pretty intense stuff to beat, and being the end of the snow season there wasn’t much of a chance of good snow left. WRONG! We arrived into a wonderful downfall of snow. I nearly exploded! A double rainbow and snowfall?!

Anyway, after arriving to our destination I decided to take some snaps for souvenirs – but more importantly future landscape ideas for video production. The sights from the top and bottom of the mountain was wonderful and only effective if experienced in real life. I say this because I joked to the others who I went with that I could have Google Imaged the view and saved a lot of money – all jokingly of course! There is no substitute to the real life experience of going somewhere and meeting the people who live in that climate daily.

On one particular day I was walking around, and there were two Huskie cross Maltese Shih Tzu dogs playing with each other. Now not too sure if the dogs were friendly to strangers – as I couldn’t see an owner – I walked cautiously past admiring their playful spirit. Soon enough they spotted me and came to attack. And when I say attack I mean attack with affection. They were the most playful dogs I had ever encountered and even were willing to play fetch with a snowball! After a while their owner came by and said they all needed to be off. I agreed saying I still had lots to discover!

A few days down the track I eventually got the camera to work – in the freezing conditions – up on the mountain peaks. It was amazing and I can now say that I have eaten a cloud, which probably isn’t good, but i’ve done it! I took a few panoramic shots (still to be uploaded) of the mountain top, as well as a full 360 degree video. It again, was amazing to just be there.

The ride home was even better than the ride there – only because it didn’t hurt my body as much, and there was no radio reception so I didn’t have to switch between iPod and crackly radio! But nonetheless the ride back had scenery which was beautiful too… switching from snow capped mountains to tree filled paddocks and mountaintops.

Coming back I feel rejuvenated. Powered up for another million years to help keep people entertained! I guess that’s the key to life sometimes… Maybe it’s best just to drop everything and disconnect yourself from the world, go to a place where there is no distractions (internet, telephone, etc.) and just clear your mind.

I know now that I’m back home that there’s a different smell in the air. A simplistic life, where you stop and smell the roses or else you’ll miss out! I’m sure though that this being my first time does alter the feeling but always having a traditional ‘retreat’ with the family gets to complicated as the life you’re trying to escape… so change it good. Be random and eccentric or else you’ll face the dreaded lines, “You’re too predictable.”

Random Pictures of the Trip

Finally, no trip would be a fun without some really stupid photos which you look back on an go, “Ahh that was too much fun!” So here we go for a few photos which you can look at and laugh with me on the good experience (or just admire the beauty)!