Site Upgrade Now Online

So the first huge half monthly update has occurred, and boy has the blog changed! Some of the new features included are:

  • Products/Store
  • What’s New
  • Live Chat
  • Forum

What is New?

First off the Products page will be slowly updated with merchandise, past film things, and any other items which I wish to supply! The What’s New? tab will show the latest upcoming production including trailers, full high resolution posters, wallpapers, interviews, and other awesome bonus content. The Live Chat is like the blog but face-to-face. I will announce on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube when I will be broadcasting so make sure you sign up to those (links in the support tab)! The last is the Forum which is plainly a place for you to help one another, or search for quick answers. Sign up is free (and always will be) and is completely easy!

Hope you like the new layout and keep creating :]