Logos and Typography

Welcome to Mark Battistella Films

I trust that people know how to navigate the internet (and if not, at least understand what the “about” is above), so formal introductions are not necessary (plus they were briefly done a few months ago). All you need to know is that this company aims to create and improve the film – and creative – industry.

So below are our latest creations, and well the centre point of this site! They came to us after pondering into the world of “typography” and thought that we actually should have a logo that represented us, rather than the first choice – an animal (eagle was first choice). So that’s about it for that! Feel free to save them and use them as wallpapers… I use the top one as my laptop background, and if you really like my work you should use them :] I also have come to notice (on a side note) that the font Verdana is pretty much my favourite font out of the ‘web based fonts’… well that and Courier but that’s because I write scripts :]

The Images