“Identify Me” Prop Test

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What is this Identify Me thing we’ve been raving about? Sit back and soak up the idea!

So this was a very quick and rough test for the main prop for the film – and is still a work in progress. We’re just waiting for the resources and feeling to film it in the correct nature. So we think we should explain the film idea first to place the prop into context!

The Idea and Context

So in the world of spies, government secrecy, and weaponry, it is ultimately the organisation with the most artillery, which comes out victorious (arguably of course). Now imagine you were the sole owner of the world’s most deadly weapon. It cannot be detected by metal detectors, and fits perfectly in a wallet and/or purse. It cannot even be identified as a weapon if seen. It is ultimate. It is an identification card.

NOW… before you look at me and go… oh is that it, whatever, boring! Hear it out!

The card holds everything, which the owner sees, does, or knows – like a database or backup of the brain. So if the owner sees a dog, and decides to identify himself as the dog then the card will morph into the dog’s identity. So basically you could enter any top security sector, and use this ID card to gain unclassified documents.

But what if it has to swipe access or microchip reader? Well it’s a government card, so it has the best security infiltration system inbuilt. And to make it even better, if you imagined it to be a credit card (only works if you visually see the original) it will imitate and forward all payments to that account.

Imagine that… honestly, you bump into someone, look at their ID, credit card, and other identification documents and your sub-conscious will replicate the desired ID upon thought. A weapon which would mean you enter an airplane on another persons account, sign in at a hotel room as another person, and infiltrate government sectors undetected. Bank security cannot track the stolen card, and if the account is closed the government security cracking system will allow you to gain entry.

But, as all government items are tracked (or assumed to be as they would cost millions) what if the owner created multiple, untraceable, collection of unstoppable weaponry? Now I don’t actually want to give away the story nor the storyline so I’ll leave that until another post but that’s the ultimate idea of the card.

NOTE: All Rights Reserved. The morphing identity card, it’s abilities (listed or unlisted here), the examples, and any other related information is an original idea by Mark Battistella and holds copyright to his name. Any reproduction of the idea (imitation, or changed) will not be tolerated and pursued as plagiarism.