Dreams [Part 2]

This is part two of my topic on dreams. If you missed the first post you can read it here.

I know it has been a while but I was thinking about the movie Inception. It wasn’t so much the film, the planting an idea in a person’s mind, or even the extraction of information from people. But more the fact that sometimes the lines between dreams and reality are blurred.

A quizzical topic I know as it comes to one’s own perception of the dream and what it means to them. But what exactly goes on in those dreams where the feeling is beyond imagination? Now I can’t promise exact solutions to the phenomena, but I will try my best to explore the idea.

So when we enter sleep it is said that our brain cannot comprehend what is real and what is made up from our subconscious. So for example, you were playing basketball and you made contact with the ball which jarred your finger. When you would awake you wouldn’t be able to know if you really jarred your finger or not (unless you hadn’t played basketball in a long time). Now this example is a small (and not so extreme) idea. Imagine it was far worse? A robbery, a careless drive, et cetera. How would you know that what you dreamed was not actually a reality – be either good or bad?

The brain is a complex thing altogether. There is no other way to describe it as there are approximately 7 billion alternatives to the first brain – each one of us comprehending things in an alternative way. However complex the brain is, it is also quite powerful. If you believe the old idea that sugar before sleep would cause nightmares then your mindset will be focused on nightmares, thus resulting in… a nightmare. The same goes for coffee. If you honestly believe it keeps you wake (even though it does, if you believe it can do it for eight hours) then your mindset will be set on not being able to sleep until the eight hours expires. It’s bizarre how it works, but it happens.

Now to support the above statement, I will focus on the American baseball game – and the use of cork verse metal bats. The players used to believe cork made the ball go further, and their mindset was so strong that people actually saw it to be true. However, after science came into the picture and figured out that it was in-fact the cork which suppressed the impact of the ball caused it to actually not go as far a metal which has not shock absorption.

So with our brain being this all so powerful object of possession, it is no wonder dreams can feel so real! It really comes down to how much your brain thinks during the day, as well as before bed. We all have had those dreams where we think, “Why and how are YOU in my dream?!” It may have happened that you saw them, or heard their name, or some other small encounter with them – even for a millisecond – which has triggered this inclusion. So if a person can appear in your dream just by a short encounter, you can imagine the effect it would have if it happened to be with something that was on your mind for a long time.

I can’t mention this topic over two posts without explaining my reason. I had been recently planning numerous plot alternatives for a couple of films I am in the process of writing, as well as one that I am editing. Now without divulging too much into the films, one was about a zombie cat, and this highly choreographed fight scene. Now as the editor of this computer animated cat, I was constantly thinking about various things which it would have to do. It resulted in drawings, imagination, and watching many fight scenes which would help spark something exciting to include. However, it wasn’t until I fell asleep which I realised how crazy this aspect of the brain was.

There I was playing the main character, fighting nothing else but that cat! Now even though i’ve never fought a cat in my life, the constant thought in my mind had caused me to dream about it. Now along with the script setting, the other reference videos I watched to aid in my choreography happened to make its way into my dream. Now it wasn’t the exact setting, but rather ones which I personally knew that resembled the place in the original footage. When I awoke there were points – especially when I saw a place that I dreamt of – which I couldn’t decipher whether it had occurred or not. I finally figured out that it never had – but thats assuming that writing this is real life and not my dream (but that’s another thing altogether)!

There are people who believe that there is an alternate explanation to all this – astrological connections. Now unfortunately for them I am not a strong believer of this aspect, however, not totally against it (for safety reasons. In case it’s real :]). I have decided to not discuss it due to the fact that there isn’t enough scientific evidence, nor factual evidence to support it.