Dreams [Part 1]

This is a two-part post. The first –this one– is about self-determination, and people who want to chase their dreams. The second is the link between dreams and reality, where the feelings in a dream are too realistic, and when you wake up you can’t decipher if it was real or fake.

So recently I’ve been catching up on some cartoons which when I was in primary school ran for a few seasons then just disappeared (always replaced with the latest cartoon). But I always held this one close to me as it taught me the most values – things I wish to teach others through my films.

The show was about chasing your dreams and recently I’ve come to face the fact that I will eventually come to the fork in the road which I will need to choose either:

  • follow my dream, or;
  • accept a second place option.

Now while this internal debate ran wild, making me constantly consider what I should do when it arrives I came to the decision that I will only get one chance and if I don’t follow my dream at that point then there’s no chance of doing it later! However, while questioning why I should or shouldn’t pursue my dreams I also asked myself a very important question, one that I think is an important for everyone.

Why do you wake up everyday?

It seems simplistic but is truly a perplexed topic. I could bet my bottom dollar that most people would honestly say that the thought doesn’t even cross their mind. And I guess that’s a fact I will have to face – people actually don’t know why they get up everyday. For others, it seems that they do it to continue their work from previous days (but when did this first initiate? Why all of a sudden wake up and say, “Oh I’m going to work now”?). From what I’ve been told and seen, people are continually doing the same tasks over and over again because of work, school, families, etc. There isn’t a ‘pure’ force, which makes us do what we do – except to survive that day. There is one thing, which we can agree on though, and that’s that quitting is simply not an answer. Most see that quitting holds to many repercussions for others – plus there are some perks of living, which would otherwise be lost.

Now going back to my fork in the road question, I decided to follow my dreams because I could never be happy, ‘purely’ happy living in a second position place. And I’m not talking about being competitive, but more so doing the things you enjoy because life is a ride which we take to help others enjoy.

Do you believe that we pave our own way or life is already set out for us? A friend once told me that it’s both. Our lives are set out in many ways, and we decide where we go, and in many ways she was right. You either do or you don’t do something, but in the end you either succeed or you don’t.

So I guess the more important question is, “are you happy living in second place to what you would have wanted to do?”

I never use to question my existence, nor the reason I decided to study for the first eighteen years of my life to only find it would still hard to just get a proper job (compared to my dream). But I still did it; unintentionally I used up a quarter of my recommended life span on something which doesn’t make anything easier. However, after this week I now know that I have a dream, one which I will pursue everyday (not try but will). My goal is too important to lose, and there is nothing that’s going to stop me.

Some of you who read this will be thinking that my mindset is unrealistic – and even based on false hope. Agreed. But isn’t that apart of life? Not knowing where you’re going just enjoying the ride, experiencing everything to make you a better person. I ask you what happened to that inner child that wanted to be an astronaut, doctor, fireman, nurse, singer, or artist? Somewhere you lost your will to be your potential and decided the challenge was too hard – or worse your dreams were not worth it.

If I’m wrong prove it. Prove to me… yourself… everyone… that you can be the best thing ever. I know when I’m there at the end of my life I can say, “I made it! I achieved my dreams, and even though no one will remember this at least I know I was invincible for that moment in time.”

And for all the realists who say that following your dreams is rubbish, and destined for failure, I hope you change soon or else your life would have been wasted – and not lived doing what you wanted to do deep down inside.

So follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they seem. Nobody wants to live an ordinary life, and what will people remember you as? The quite person, or the one who defied the odds?

Imagine a world if everybody was fighting to be the best person they could be! All you have to do is start by trying.