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My unfortunate experience with Aero Quartet and Treasured software

I don’t hate many things, but I hate Aero Quartet. If you’ve ever had to deal with Aero Quartet, or come across their software Treasured you probably know what I am feeling. Their perfect etiquette, the cheap price for their service, and the simple fact they can do something that no one else can. They make me jealous – and that is a rare thing to do. Before you get confused to the title, and the extreme sarcastic opening, I absolutely love Aero Quartet. Now I think it is vital to mention that this is not a sponsored article, or...

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How to be a video editor: The basics

I’ve been following the editing game for a long time and I’ve been editing for nearly as long as that time too. But one thing that really astounds me is what people dismiss as being the basics of being an editor. You’ll probably read this and say, “are you serious?” or “surely this is some sort of joke post!” but I assure you (and I am deadly serious) on how many of these factors editors fail to adhere to. Let’s break down some fundamental aspects which you should be applying. Keyboard layouts and shortcuts I kid you not, the amount...

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Hollywood accounting and Piracy

Why do people pirate films and television shows? It is the burning question that has Hollywood executives and producers alike trying to figure out (despite really knowing why). But is there more to this topic than just accessibility to content, and it’s immediacy? We might as well delve right into this, because you’re going to be shitting bricks. In the recent article on Kotaku the author Mark Serrels explains how he went about trying to legally obtain a copy of Game of Thrones. And by obtain, I mean watch it through the legal broadcast service in Australia – Foxtel. I...

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